Monday, June 30, 2008

1 week of busy-ness, 1 week drama from joaquin's sickness(part 2)

before we left the hospital, dra. solomon requested to have chest xray to joaquin.
.. at home, tulala ako. sobrang lungkot. isip.

in the middle of the night.. mommy is suggesting again, to buy suppositories for fever.. paracetamol na nilalagay sa butt to lower down temperature faster. with matching consult to ate willen, kaya hinayaan ko na lng..
funny lang kasi, when we are doing the suppositories, si mommy ang gumagawa.. and joaquin stared at mommy.. parang galit. alam niyang si mommy ang gumawa nun sa butt niya.. hihihi.. wawa nman..

june 27:
early in the morning, because of fever, i'm thinking of bringing joaquin at the hospital already.. but thinking also to finish first my consultation to doctora solomon,to finalize her findings.. and then if there's nothing she will do and still the same suggestion/ prescription, i'll go to the hospital (st.lukes or medical city) for further analysis on joaquin's situation...

but the usual mommy, tensed.. daming suggestion.. dalhin raw dun sa matanda, papatawas.. malapit lang para patingin.. right there we had another argument. so the day went on. kuya reyson heard our arguments, he stopped me to talk, just ignore mommy and do my itinerary. tanung niya ako kung ok lang ako dahil magdadrive ako.. ignore ko na lng raw.. ganun talga si mommy..

after my consultation to doctora, she suggested to have joaquin an I.V. he's dehydrated. he cried alot but no tears fall on to his face.. also his weight was down, 2lbs already. first assumption of doctora was suspected dengue because of some rashes and red traces/ pattern on joaquin's skin. she done the torniquet for 5 mins. (procedure on detecting dengue spots on skin) a little spot was shown,but insisted to have another CBC. good thing the platelet counts was ok.. so she gave 2 options as guide. if we want to have joaquin be admitted to have the dextrose, good .. kahit saang hospital gusto ko raw/ o nila.. :) or stay sa house pero we have to be creative to feed joaquin. again its our own decision what to do. she reminded me, ako pa rin decide.. iba pa rin ang mother's instinct and don't have to worry kasi its not dengue..

right there, i called mommy. i said to her, admit na lng pero ask ko sya suggestion kung san.. kasi i really need help sa finances.. bka di ko makayanan ang amount ng expenses.. at least support lang incase ma short. i texted also kuya reyson about the findings..
after that, i rushed to sandy. have the dollar changed.. go back after we had all the things packed and done at home..

Now, that was the start of our journey to have joaquin admitted at his birthplace.. "The Medical City"..

.. see part 3 ;)

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