Monday, June 30, 2008

1 week of busy-ness, 1 week drama from joaquin's sickness(part 1)

joaquin got sick almost 1 week. it started last monday, june 23.
first, after we went to Trinoma, on the bed i felt his head too hot.. i observed his temperature,lowering down thru first aid medicine paracetamol. (tempra) .. 4 hours after it went up and down, and then gave again tempra, again and again and again.

june 24:
we celebrated mommy's birthday at edongs restaurant with little joaqui not feeling well.. until i decided to have a check up early wednesday morning at 'Glory of Zion', to dra. Solomon.

june 25:
findings - not to worry. it might be a baby measles (tigdas hangin) or virus maybe the cause or somewhat.just continue to have the paracetamol and not to worry. but if ever joaquin still have fever, we will be doing the laboratory test to find out what really is the cause of his continuous fever. still temperature high and right then, at 4pm we ran to the st. ignatius laboratory/clinic to have the tests (CBC and urinalysis)." thanks to tito glen venus, he accompanied us to drive the yaris.. wasn't able to drive because of my boil and also, i can't find my license. maybe i left it inside the crosswind". we just had the blood test only, because joaquin wasn't able to wee on the wee bag. hihi.. maybe conscious on that thing attached to his little bird. :)

june 26:
early in the morning, we had his wee already at 8am, but we finished and arrived at the laboratory past 9am. the laboratory didn't accept the urine.. so we waited so long for joaquin to wee again and have his urine for the urinalysis. until we had it before 12pm and rushed it to the dra. solomon .findings are still the same, but she prescribed antibacterial medicine.

late in the evening after series of discussion with mommy, we rushed joaquin at st. victoria hospital because of 39.9 degrees Celsius temperature..i'm not yet tensed on that temp, but mommy insisted to bring joaquin to the hospital.. since dra. solomon is an accredited pedia at st. victoria, we decided to have joaquin there incase of check up or admission. after talking to the ER , the same findings as what dra. solomon had with joaquin but the resident doctor, suggested if we want to admit joaquin just to have an I.V. for hydration. we, mommy and i, asked the doctor, if we can do the management to joaquin at home, on monitoring temp to low down and give hydration thru water intake.. the doctor said its ok but if we are stressed and tensed on the situation its our own prerogative to have joaquin admitted. right then we decided to bring joaquin at home.. but with my conscience and pressure on mind,series of headache/little 'sinat' because of my boil, i know after all these, i can't concentrate and give the management properly to joaquin at home, because mommy might give a big pressure on me why i didn't decide to have him at the hospital.. a lot of sermons and talks that would irritate me.. just a couple of minute i talked to dra. solomon on the phone and told my side. so i decided to have joaquin admitted...

before we sign the admission slip, sandy accompanied me to see the available room the ER suggested - Surgical ward. .. wow, with our eyes open wide.. we are shocked on what we saw.. 7 beds with patients who had surgery (just what the room was named) and the available bed was too far at the entrance and almost at the corner.. poor joaquin if ever he will be admitted at the hospital. atras ako, sobrang nainis ako.. sabi ko na lang uuwi na lng.. i talked to sandy and cried. i said all what had happen why i decided to have joaquin admitted. right there, sandy just said.." ako na bahala kay mommy.. wag na dito ate joh.. kung gusto mo sa iba na lang.."
i smiled and felt meron akong kakampi on what sandy have said to me..

after that we talked to the ER staff, signed the dismissal form and then we went back home..
just then i saw joaquin too gigly and playful. he does all his pa-cute routine. joaquin has this mind of a big person.. twag na nga namin matanda na kung magisip... he knows the hospital. i know he hated also at the hospital. alam niya na aadmit siya kaya pinakita nyang ok na siya.. hihihi..

... thinking all the while, the whole moment i've experienced.. sobrang nalungkot ako.. hirap. di na ako makapagdecide on my own.. too pressured on things. masyado n akong down. that was also the week, we had small argument/ big issue with hon..

lets continue this talk tomorrow.. a little suspense.. :)

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