Monday, June 02, 2008

cheers to 'hon..

we celebrate another year for joaquin's greatest father.. my hon, Mandy,also known as 'Randy', by relatives. everybody greeted (ate cheche - susan ma; mamcy,ninang; ate ne and the whole gang at cogeo; dothy, classmate and friend from MIST; angbandanibruce,greeted yesterday; and from the rest of us here in the house!, esp.beth and mariz) Another year of celebration, for what God has given us.. to spend and to share it to friends, co-workers, relatives and loved ones..

as a wife,your opposite in some aspects ;) hehe, your friend, i love you. can't say anything more.. we've been to ups and downs.. (mad,smile,laugh,talk and talk, shout, cry, etc.) and still learning.. thank you for sharing those things with me.. aaahh.. :D cheer up! we have so many things in line for our son.. smile and let all things be done thru Him..

again, Happy birthday.. we love you..!! mwah!


.. advance Happy Father's day! ;)

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