Saturday, June 07, 2008

its my day!!

sweetest things i ever received today.. (kilig)

  • my hon.. he posted it on his blog and announce it to the yahoogroups.. but the thing is, he greeted me exactly 12am today! thanks hon..

  • my son.. i woke up with my son beside me smiling.This may be the usual and daily routine in our mornings but still its very special for me. i'm very thankful to God for waking me up and see His goodness.

  • friends and family.. thank you to all of you! Charlot,miss you alot; Mike and Jo1,i'm touched; Rommel Saw, tabachuychuy miss ko na ikaw at ang STI family; Ate pen, i feel blessed when i'm with you; Manulife-North Diamond group, thanks! God bless and happy selling; Sandy, Mommy, Mares.. thank you! hihihi..

  • Friendsters.. thanks for the greets. ;)

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