Monday, June 23, 2008

.. too comedic, too dramatic

its mommy's dramatic scene.. hihi. in the morning, mommy insisted to go out and told us to go to Trinoma coz she'll be buying something (dish rack) and to Manila Waters..inasar lang ni sandy, kaya mejo inis. late in the afternoon, sandy and mommy had a fight, simple misunderstanding that lead to tantrums and the worst.. we went home from Trinoma (sandy, ayie, me and joaquin) without mommy. she just left us without knowing she will not come back.. until now she's not at home.

mommy called mariz, without intentions of turning the voice call to loudspeaker.. so i heard what mommy is saying.. hihihi!.. she's asking mariz not to let us know she'll be hiding. :) she will be home but not to tell us where or when she will arrive.
too dramatic!! the term sandy is using.. she's having "balikbayan syndrome" again. :)
its her bday tomorrow and kuya reyson will arrive! ;)

just chat with mandy..
.. .. haaay..wanted to shout!
this day is not my day. can't release what i really feel!.. my boil is already healing, but now i guess its boiling again!!!! grrr. ouch
.. crying inside-out
... stressed..
(breathe.. inhale exhale)

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