Monday, June 09, 2008

....another victim

just seen this news in yahoo about Patrick Swayze.. being diagnosed also of pancreatic cancer, last March 2008 and have a new drama series to work on. to quote on what he said on the interview...

" 'Guys, I have some horrible news. But if you can be patient and stand by me, I'm going to come back and do the show.' "
"He said: 'I'm in great condition. I'm a cowboy. I'm a dancer. I'll beat this..."

[OMG, yahoo.June 7, 2008, 6:38 pm PDT ]

what's really on with this disease?! its too soundlike a cough or colds or maybe a chicken pox that anybody can have these anytime. i just read on some literature about it that you might never know you have it unless detected on the stage where the tumors almost got into your system and needs immediate treatment.. grrr..

and also don't know what to say or feel, heard the news about Rudy "da boy" Fernandez, left his loved ones on the day of my birthday.. june 7.

... i thought of mike..

.. hope all things, be on His will. Nothing is impossible with Him.

.. mike, i know you're also a cowboy! we're praying for good health and more strength to fight on this cancer. we are always here. we will never leave you.. you've shown us strength.. so please hold on.God bless you!

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mike pagulayan said...

if sometimes i miss my sun rise, let me walk through the night coz i still have my moon rising.

we still have to do the best acts of our lives. =)

i am always thankful for you and doys.