Tuesday, July 01, 2008

1 week of busy-ness, 1 week drama from joaquin's sickness(part 3)

Journey of joaquin at Medical City

i texted ate pen, to help me and accompany me at the medical city.. pasama kasi nga aadmit na si joaquin

we, joaquin, mommy and ate pen.. went to The Medical City, arrived past 5pm.

june 27:

6:35 we are admitted to The Medical City. At first, we went to the admission office. the admission officer ask for my the admission slip/order. we don't have any of that. so they suggest we have to go to the ER first, for assessment.

right there, they took joaquin's temperature thru the ear.. (hi-tech talga!) i was amazed by that. thermometer palang hi-tech na.. and then they guide us to go to the Pedia-ER. i'm so overwhelmed by the way Medical City assist all the patients / clients. At the Pedia-ER, joaquin was still crying because he knew we're at the hospital and he also saw the doctor, asking me and taking his vital signs.. after that, right there and then i also cried not because joaquin cried but because i saw a little girl, crying at her mom.. she saw the nurse talking to her mom and looking at her for analysis.. afterwards, a loud cry and anger, saw her grabbed and tucked with blanket by three people because she was being inserted with I.V. .. grabe luha ko .. sobrang awa sa bata.. crying but telling something thru her cry. i was thinking, kawawa talga mga bata, they can't really tell what they really feed.. they 'll just cry and cry.

i texted then mommy and ate pen. sabi ko punta sila sa tabi namin ni joaquin.. di ko kaya ung nakikita ko.. naawa ako sa bata.. haay..

at 7pm, we are already at our room.. sobrang nice.( NO925 . 9th floor is for PEDIATRICS Room.) its the standard private.. single bed lang.. with TV pa.. mommy and ate pen requested pala for a semi private room ( for 2 patients). pero tomorrow pa availability.. kaya dun kami napunta. sobrang tuwa na ako kaya di na kami nag palipat... :D all the rest of our stay was still at the said room.

with regards to joaquin, at first he always cry out loud. He always saw the stetoscope, thermometer, nurses, doctors, etc. but afterwards, nasanay na siya.. lagi lang akap sakin para hingi comfort. i love joaquin for that.. he always hugged me.. all of our stay there.. parang ako patient, lagi kami magkapatong sa kama.. ako nakahiga, sya nakadapa sakin.. he never let me go and sleep without hugging me.. even when he's just watching his favorite DVDs. i should be beside him kahit naka upo or nakahiga. all of our stays there were all accomodating. we feel talaga ung asikaso nila. kahit ung room at service lang binayaran namin dun, feeling ko worth it ung bayad namin.. dextrose lang at follow up check up ng nurses, and doctors ang binigay ng Medical City.. the paracetamol we use is our own paracetamol.. the food pala, for the watcher.. ok naman. 5 meals.. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. ok na rin. we stayed at the hospital almost 3 days.. have the expenses almost 18k.. kulang kulang 20k ( hi, hon!) the hospital was 15k already.. with discounts na un..( from the doctors PF and Philhealth) mahal pero feeling ko talga worth it na.

here are some of the glimpse at the hospital..

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yeah! thats awsome!! i like it!

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