Tuesday, July 08, 2008

nathaniel's bday

its my nephew's bday.. and sure its the typical "makulit" and "maingay"celebration at cogeo. indeed, joaquin had fun with the gang. we just left too late at the house,just so happen that i do the tutoring to abeth.. tsk, too sad. i haven't had a lot of time to teach those kids regarding difficulties in handling math subject. i miss teaching algebra.. :) hope they had tito or tita to ask and help them to understand and solve their assignments.. haay!..

missing also my husband.. count down! funny, 'cause recently i got too mushy and sweet to him.. felt some intense, and excitement. i guess that's what we called balikbayan syndrome.hehe.. sandy might tease me again, "di nakatulog si ate joh, excited.." but honestly, i really miss him. don't know why. i just made it almost 5 months of being diverted to joaquin, but now.. i do really miss him.. can't wait to see him..

.. love you hon, advance happy anniversary! 3 days to go.. to go on iPhone!.. :D

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