Monday, March 02, 2009

we're all sick

yesterday! its all about yesterday!
we didn't go to church yesterday.. and that is we are sick. early in the morning,i've experienced stomach ache and pooped. got dizzy and went back to bed. after that, i've experienced a different kind of headache.. too achy. the pain is not tolerable. sobrang sakit! sa sobrang sakit, halos mapapikit ako. but sometimes, the pain lowers down and i can do my 'yaya' job to joaquin. then took a bath, (baka kulang lang sa ligo, hehehe) but still there's a pain.

joaquin naman, he has colds again. i don't know what we have done and why joaqs just got colds. hmmm is it the weather?.. and then accompanied by cough.. haay. back to treatment again?!.. nonstop inuman ng medicine... wawa naman joaqs. wanted to stay him out with medicines para ma immune siya and build up his own antibodies to fight some little sickness. hirap pag puro gamot. tsk.

and then hon. just talked/ chat with him.he got flu.. he said, his throat sores, sobra raw kasi lamig sa new york.. first thing got into my mind, ask him if he smoked. (what is it i'm thinking? husband is sick and then i think of him smoking?!.. ) and i asked. just told him to drink 'biogesic', paracetamol and lots of water (water therapy, why not?!). he just said he has no stock, he just took 'neozep'. wawa nman.. me sakit na, walang gamot, at kung meron man.. iba pa ang nainum.. got teary eyes. i'm worried. kahit medyo galit ako ng konti about what we have talked yesterday night, nwala lahat. it soften my heart. why is it all happening to us? siguro magkakadugtong na pusod naming pamilya. if one got sick, we all feel it.. and proven, that if we (hon and i) have fight, our son joaqs will definitely got sick or will not feel well..

i'm praying that hon will be feeling well soon. just hoping he'll be treated soon enough so he will not drink too much medicines.. haay, if only we're together, i'll just be his nurse. he'll be well taken cared of..

get well soon hon.

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