Friday, March 13, 2009


i got to meet my former students (wallbert) have set an appointment and discuss what Manulife can offer base on his need. we discuss more of his need.. he has a motorbike and try to convince to get one and try to stop him to smoke.. hmmm... hope he will not be rated base on his vices.. haay.

at night, sandy sent me a pic thru bluetooth feature on phone.. it was a pic of FrancisM. scary pero seem to feel sad.. pero it looks like he is just sleeping, lying on coffin. don't want to stare baka managinip ako.. :)

today: AM
early morning routine, chek mandy if he's online.. paidlip idlip din kasi, he answers too late. so we often cross on time.. if he answer my IM, its 2 mins. late... and then i answer and wait.. then i missed.. hihihi.. but then we just met exactly on time.. he just informed me and let me look on his blog.. hehe.. he got his ticket. and its late!!! hehehe.. i smiled.. yes! we can have time together.. hmm.. i'll just make a plan..its must be thrilling.. ;)

in between the wait for mandy.. i have the chance to chat and talk with dothy (dorothy dellosa); highschool batchmate and former classmate of hon.. a friend. i'm happy because got the chance to talk to her, set an appointment and have a little chitchat on some areas. overwhelmed. hope we could have a long talk and time on monday. as our set date/appointment. looking forward to have business with her. thanks doths..

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