Friday, July 23, 2010

reflecting... (July 23,2010)

courtersy of tumblr

so sadden by this view… :(

same experience. have seen some view just this evening. as i’m driving.. just came across and pass thru jupiter street in makati where i should be going straight to mandaluyong bridge for short cut to avoid traffic going home. i saw a man, carrying alot of sack, from left to right, and saw at his back, carrying his kid, also with a sack of bag carrying as they walk the street. i can’t imagine how awful and hard it was. can’t see any smile on his face.

..seeing all the blinking lights, hotels, restaurants,foreigners across the street, good looking people, smoking, strolling around with nice shirts and dress..happy, smiling. i was crying inside and wanted to stop.. why am i seeing this.. strucked at that moment.

…. thank you o lord for all the blessings you have given us. we couldn’t thank you enough for having such wonderful life. nice dress, shirts, house, food, comforts, opportunities; watching movies, sharing moments with friends, spending time at mall, coffee shops, etc… how blessed are we, for we haven’t ask for it but was given …by our parents, families, relatives,friends, etc. thank you for them, for being the channel of your blessings. may we serve also as one of your channels to spread your love for each one of us. may we share also your blessing to other people, who needs comfort, food, shelter, clothing, and simple smile on faces…

.. bless us, protect us, heal us. we surrender our lives to you. -_-

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