Wednesday, June 16, 2010


searching for cure and causes of "tagulabay".. as what joaquin is in now.

at first i thought, the bump on joaquin's head was a simple small like pimple. i never really got to look at it seriously.maybe it is caused by loosened hair follicles. Days gone by, as we are taking a bath, he avoided me to touch a part of his head where this bump is. i looked at it and saw 5 pimples grouped in one place that causes the bump. i immediately open my medical kit and got the ointment "bactroban". i carefully apply the ointment. hoping it will dry up easily. after a day, i saw the 5 pimple accumulated and became one big bump with pus that at any moment it will burst. after taking him a bath, i saw the pus slowly coming out on the bump. it means the bactroban worked!.. as i slowly remove the yellowish thing on the bump, saw a small hole! afraid and thinking of consulting a doctor for quick medicine that will help the healing. so we rush to a doctor and was advised with continued application of bactroban, drinking of antibiotic, and some anti allergy for itchiness and pain reliever if in case it hurts. timingly, i have no enough money to buy all these and was afraid and conscious on it. praying and asking for God's providence. i definitely had no extra money and no funds at all. sadden by looking at my list of expenses.. it was really sad knowing that i had money but all has been alloted for bills and due payment. i thought of "uutang na lang kahit may tubo", but maybe, they might not believe that i have no money at all! huhuhu..

so... thinking of good things.. hehehe. searching on my files. do my Manulife thing. preparing for prospect client, calling for appointments. then i smiled. praying that i can close a sale with big commission to cover up all the upcoming dues and some funds for emergencies such like these. searching on internet on how this "tagulabay" really had on with Joaquin. what causes it? and how to cure it naturally. you know as moms, natural treatment is really a big deal for us. if it can help on the treatment, why not. so, as i search and google it, i saw a link that was on to a blog site.. sharing his thought and experience on the treatment of tagulabay or urticaria. he shared his experience and finding out that all that really helped on him is a shake!.. fruit/veggies shake... what are the contents?.. many!.. but just don't forget the main ingredient, CARROT!. wow. i was so amazed. thinking also that carrot really had a good help on either sickness, disease or what so ever. now, thinking of going to grocery (puregold). i'll buy carrot-apple fruit shake!. yeah. and so we will invade now the fruit shake. good luck on colds and cough. for it might be the next big thing on joaquin. :)

triggers urticaria:
  • Medications, especially aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, narcotic painkillers, or antibiotics.
  • Infections with viruses, bacteria, or fungi.
  • Environmental allergies such as insect bites, pollen, mold, or animal dander.
  • Physical exposures such as heat, cold, water, sunlight, or pressure.
  • Medical conditions such as gland diseases, blood diseases, or cancer.
  • Food allergies such as from strawberries, eggs, nuts, or shellfish.
  • Stress.
  • Milk, cheese, sea foods, orange, mango, chicken.

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