Monday, December 07, 2009

.. self check.. my job my purpose

i just saw and read doc tim's blog... affected with the news i learned from his site. i got to check myself, then my job.. do i really do my part as an agent?? as a Life Insurance agent..?

i don't know what to say.. but i'm shocked. doc tim is a specialist in nuclear medicine. i used to talk and see him regarding my thyroid problem. he often comforts me and inform me about what and how a thyroid problem must be dealt. when i was pregnant and after giving birth, i used to go and visit him and have shown my calling card , incase he needs my service too. but the thing is, i guess we haven't got a time to see and talk with regards me, the service i do.. also since they are busy and you know doctors have the real idea on how to deal the sickness they will encounter.. nagdalawang isip na lng ako. But now as i have learned that his wife, seem to have a breast cancer.. i can't forgive my self how come i didn't get to push thru a schedule for his family/wife and kids. i'm just praying that they have something just like mine, the product and service that can help them thru the expenses side. also, praying for immediate recovery and healing to that so-called backfighter disease, "cancer"

.. Now, no matter they will buy or not my service... i will promise to my self, to share my part. praying to let me say and hear what service we do and can give to our clients.

.. to my friends, let me share with you what we all must heard. It doesn't matter you will buy or not. If you like the idea, its good! If you don't like, i guess maybe someday.. you will consider it. maybe its not the right time, but you must atleast have something for your self.

.. to my prospects, acquaintances, hope you can consider a time for me to present.

.. and to all these Lord, help us help one another... for your glory.

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avanar said...

Hi Jocelyn! Thanks for reading my post. I posted something new today, HEALING HAS COME.

Thank you for your concern. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD AND ALWAYS GREAT! We now know by faith God has healed my wife completely! We thank God and declare His kingdom is amongst us!

God bless and keep writing!