Saturday, August 15, 2009

teary eyes

few days ago (4 days in exact).. feeling emo, i just think of my husband. missing him was a lot harder than it seem. kala ko ok lang ako lagi, pero talagang pag tinamaan ka ng 'miss' .. mapapaiyak ka talga. many will say, tagal na nga naman naming ganun ang set up bakit di pa ako masanay.. kala lang nila, its just a thing na kaya lang accept anytime. tao lang po, me pakiramdam.. i guess it was also a timing then because it was our monthsary (august 11) and i feel like i'm stressed out. you're tired and you only want to sit back and talk to someone who knows you more and hear some ideas also from his side. kahit alam ko rin, ang sasabihin niya lang eh, kasi ikaw eh... (sisi effect po) pero minsan naman he'll just comfort you.. sometimes he will just listen. as in listen lang talaga.. hihihi.. pag mejo, no reaction siya, he'll just change the topic.. para nga naman di ko na isipin un ng malalim.. divertion is the great idea on it...

as the day goes along, i just realize, just make papansin na lng thru text, so i sent an SMS kahit alam ko baka di niya rin mareceive or mabasa.. but as time goes by.. as i was on my client call, i just receive a message from hon.. about mike p.'s dad.. i text and call mikes number, confirming the news.. so sad it was true. after talking to mike, i just got to think of going to their place.

another event just come in that night.. a night i didn't expect to happen. pero siguro, talgang tinadhana.. hihi.. fellowbatchmates was there. siguro kami kami nlng nakakaalam nun.. hehehe.. as i sum it all.. it was a day my eyes cannot cry out loud, but teary eyes could be....

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