Monday, January 26, 2009

.. i'm touched..

.. it was a colorful weekend..
yesterday we went to ate willen's invitation. dinner, and get together.. for the celebration of chinese new year.. (kung hei fat seuy??? correct me please!) and today,we went to a wedding event, (mommy's granddaughter to her nephew kuya noy)..

.. too exhausting. joaquin is too annoying!.. can't stop him from running, playing, and watching his favorite movie "cars".. haay.
...but, thank God for the net! just chat with hon, saw him at webcam and got to visit again francis magalona's site. .. i'm always amazed at his stories, his advise, sharings, talents, and his family. whenever i read on to his blogs, it makes me feel like.. haay.. thankful!.. he reminded me of everything about Him.. sometimes he just makes me feel like i'm pinched within..
.. also,got to chat with sister 'ate pen'. share some of thoughts, kwento about family happenings,etc.. this day, eventhough i haven't gone to church for the whole day.. God really knows how to reach us in a way beyond our understanding, as what my sister said..
just to share also the quote she gave to me...

..." I would never have known the meaning of various psalms, come to appreciate certain difficulties, or known the inner workings of the soul; I would never have understood the practice of the Christian Life and work, if God had never brought afflictions to my life."
- wife of Martin Luther

... thank you for everything Lord.. for i feel sometimes that i don't deserve anything, but you still let me feel that i'm always important to you.. sorry for what i have done wrong. guide me in all my ways. protect us in anything that would let us feel down.. protect my family, my friends, my relatives and everything within my territory. thank you and hoping that all my plans will work out according to your will.. in these i ask in your mighty name jesus, i pray.. amen.

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